HeavyFallSMP is the first modpack to be renamed and remodified after the Projekt HeavyFall modpack.  The modpack is configured to be recommended to be played on the MincraftSMP HeavyFall server (hence the 'SMP' in the name).  The modpack is currently under Beta, and hoping to reach official release in early 2014.  The official location of the modpack gives a brief description of HeavyFallSMP, has the modlist provided and a short story; the link to the modpack and be found here.
Pack Logo001

The current logo photo for HeavyFallSMP whenever loaded on either on or on the TechnicLauncher.


The mods in HeavyFallSMP are limited since this specific modpack is only meant to be played on the official server.  There is over 70 mods currently loaded, and gives a "theme" to the modpack that most other official Minecraft modpacks give out.  The theme is mostly pertain to science, engineering, and destruction for some war-bringing action.

The current modlist stands as of v0.6.2.1:
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