IronChest is a mod created by cpw and this mod adds new chests to the game.


Before Minecraft 1.3, IronChest was a plug-in available only through IndustrialCraft.  During that time, there were occurances where upgrading a chest to the next tier when it was already placed, it would crash the player because of a renderer bug on the client part of it.

Mod with OptifineEdit

It wasn't until Minecraft 1.6 that it was no longer recommended to load Optifine in order to run HD Texture Packs, and Optifine isn't compatible with Forge.  There also has been many issues with Minecraft crashing because some mods have a major confliction against Optifine.

Optifine and IronChest relations got more clean in work rendering and coding.  A big giveaway of both these mods loaded is when the modded chests do a dance when it moves 90 Degrees to a side and then moves back where it was placed originally.  Now with the latest Opifine, these mods would no longer conflict with each other.


There is two ways of crafting these chests.  First, you have a chest in your hand and you put your chest in the center of the crafting table surronded by the material of chest you want (exception is a Diamond Chest, which requires Diamonds and Glass).  The other way is getting an upgrade; to get an upgrade, you get the material of upgrade you want and place it in a crafting table with the shape of a chest, while having the previous tier of chest in order to specify what chest upgrade is being made.


These are the chests that are added by this mod:
  • Iron Chest
  • Copper Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Gold Chest
  • Diamond Chest
  • Crystal Chest
  • Obsidian Chest (Newest addition)


The Crystal Chest is the only chest in this mod that is banned on the official "Alpha" server.  Reasoning is the Crystal Chest renders items as entities that were left on the ground.  With too many items in a single chest or multiple amounts of said chests, it will lag the server, and eventually crash.

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