The Lich
Health 240 (Heartx120)
Special Abilities Summon Undead, Nauseate, Steal Health
Minion Type Skeleton
Distance 2000-3000
Drops Cursed Bone

The Lich is a boss mob from the Better Dungeons mod which spawns between 2000 and 3000 blocks away from the origin point of the world. It commands and can summon Undead creatures, can inflict Nausea upon the player, and can heal itself by draining hearts from the player. It has 120 hearts of health.


Upon sighting the player, the Lich will come within medium range of the player, but will stay out of melee range. It will start its attack using lighting which inflicts several seconds of Nausea. It will intermittently spawn Summoned Undead, which look like skeletons with no armaments, and will fire purple orbs at the player which drain the health of the player and heals the Lich. It will occasionally summon shards of glass to fly at the player in waves or clumps of gravel which fall on the player and cause suffocation. On death, it drops Cursed Bones.


  • The Lich is one of three mobs related to Summoned Undead.
  • When leeching health from the player, heart particles appear on the Lich.
  • The Lich is essentially an upgraded Necromancer.
  • In mythology, the Lich is an undead mage which has sealed its soul in an object, its phylactery, rendering it immortal until the object is destroyed.
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