The Prototype OmniWrench is the focal item of the OmniTools mod. This device is designed to allow the rotation of devices from as many mods as possible, but is specifically linked to IndustrialCraft2 and Buildcraft and can precisely emulate the wrenches from those mods. It does not lose durability on use, and unlike IC2's bronze Wrench, does not come with the risk of collected machines turning into machine blocks.


Craft omniwrench

Crafting the Prototype Omniwrench.

The Prototype Omniwrench is created with two diamonds, one Cyan Wool block, and one ingot of Gold. The omniwrench functions on Vanilla blocks as well as mod blocks and can be used, among other things, to rotate chests and furnaces without breaking and replacing them. On IndustrialCraft machines, it functions exactly like a perfectly lossless bronze wrench, rotating machines' output faces to the block face that the wrench interacts with (or on shift-click, the opposite face). When the output face is right clicked, the machine drops as an item. Buildcraft objects are also wrenched just as if the iron Wrench had been used on them, rotating between all sane configurations. This means that the input face of a wooden pipe could be changed to one of two directions if there was a chest on the north and south side of it, or a redstone engine not facing a pipe would automatically align itself. Other blocks which can face multiple directions are usually picked up by the omniwrench as rotatable, such as Galacticraft's machines and MineFactoryReloaded's Conveyor Belts.


  • The name of the Prototype Omniwrench is possibly a reference to the Ratchet and Clank game series on the Sony Playstation consoles.
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