The Smeltery is a multi-block structure from Tinker's Construct which is required to melt metals into tool parts, create casts with which to do so, and double ores via melting. A usable smeltery is created with at least 1 Smeltery Controller, 1 Seared Tank, 18 Seared Brick, 1 Smeltery Drain, 1 Seared Faucet, and 1 Casting Table or Casting Basin. In the former case, Casts are required to shape the metal into anything usable, even an ingot.


Creation of a Smeltery begins with the crafting of Grout from Clay Balls, Sand, and Dirt in a shapeless recipe. Crafting these ingredients results in 2 Grout blocks, which can be placed or smelted into Seared Bricks.

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